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A suggest source is a URL that takes 3 parameters: query, input and nb. The query parameter must contain a __INPUT__ placeholder. This URL must process the query with the given user input and return the result in the XML format expected by the suggest component.

 Name  URL  Query  Results Number  Icon  Highlight matches  Activated
 Document name  $xwiki.getURL('XWiki.SuggestLuceneService', 'get', 'outputSyntax=plain')    name:__INPUT__* OR web:__INPUT__*    3  $xwiki.getSkinFile('icons/silk/page_white_text.gif')  Yes  Yes
 Document content  $xwiki.getURL('XWiki.SuggestLuceneService', 'get', 'outputSyntax=plain')    __INPUT__*    3  $xwiki.getSkinFile('icons/silk/page_white_text.gif')  No  Yes
 Attachment name  $xwiki.getURL('XWiki.SuggestLuceneService', 'get', 'outputSyntax=plain')    name:__INPUT__* AND type:attachment    3  $xwiki.getSkinFile('icons/silk/attach.gif')  Yes  Yes
 Attachment content  $xwiki.getURL('XWiki.SuggestLuceneService', 'get', 'outputSyntax=plain')    __INPUT__* AND type:attachment    3  $xwiki.getSkinFile('icons/silk/attach.gif')  No  Yes
 Blog Posts  $xwiki.getURL('XWiki.SuggestLuceneService', 'get', 'outputSyntax=plain')    __INPUT__* AND object:Blog.BlogPostClass    3  $xwiki.getSkinFile('icons/silk/page_white_picture.gif')  No  No
 Users  $xwiki.getURL('XWiki.SuggestLuceneService', 'get', 'outputSyntax=plain')    __INPUT__* AND object:XWiki.XWikiUsers    3  $xwiki.getSkinFile('icons/silk/user.gif')  No  Yes
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